Human resources are one of the most important elements in determining the success of any organization. Effective leadership and management skills as well as the ability to communicate well are the cornerstones that underpin the competitive differentials of many successful organizations. Managers and their support staff cannot rely on technical know-how or hard skills alone to do well in their profession.

Here, at Global Talent Academy, we offer various training programs that can benefit employees at all organization levels, to help them develop their knowledge and equip them with the skills for greater career growth. These trainings are conducted in-house and can be customized to the needs of the trainee.

Our training programs offered include: -

Training Programs

Byte Size Courses
English At The Workplace
Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS)

Byte Size Courses

Human Resource - Rise to Lead: Effective Leadership
Human Resource - Performance Management Cafe: Brewing Consistent Performers
Human Resource - Navigate Your Career
Marketing & Sales - Positioning Your Product For Success
Marketing & Sales - Product Failure - Lessons To Be Learnt
Marketing & Sales - DIY Research
Finance & Accounting - Budgeting & Planning for Non-Finance Manager
Personal Development - Make It Better @ Workplace
Others - Your Email is Your Personal Brand
eCommerce - Facebook and Instagram Marketing
Marketing & Sales - How To Deal With Rejection?
Others - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Others - Effective Warehouse Management
Personal Development - Be SMART Success through Goal Setting
Personal Development - Stress Management
24 Hours is Never Not Enough: Work Life Balance
Every Manager is a HR Manager
Life is a Series of Negotiations
On Boarding: Is it Necessary?
Soft Skills Matter
Strategic Marketing Management
Facebook Ads Manager Training
Pengurusan Yang Berkesan Bagi Rekod Dan Fail Pejabat
Multitasking Skills
Positive Work Attitude As An Individual And As A Team
Courteous Driver – A Joint Responsibility
High Performance Collaboration Through Leadership and Teamwork
Management Preperation to Successful 5’S Roll-Out
Creative “Out-of-the-box” Thinking
Critical Thinking @ Work
Easy Profiling Skills for Influencing People, Sales Technique & Right Hiring
Mistake – Proof Your Work
Positive & Growth Mindset For Productivity


IAOP COS - Human Resources
IAOP COS - Finance & Accounting
IAOP COS - Global Business Services
IAOP COS - Marketing & Sales

English At The Workplace

English @ Workplace (Basic)
English @ Workplace (Intermediate)

Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS)

Graduates Enhancement Programme for Employability (GENERAtE)